Gencom & Michael Colonna Targeted By Cyber Stalkers

Silverdale, Washington 5 comments

The above bloggers have and continue to make numerous personal attacks upon myself and my wife on this site and others.

These malicious and repeated postings are for the explicit purpose of harassment, defamation, tortious interference with business relations, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

These persons make numerous and continuous attacks upon me and my wife, including our religious beliefs, with the express intent to cause extreme emotional distress and trauma to a level having physical ramifications.

I consider these postings to be cyberstalking, abusive, and a threat to the emotional, psychological and general well being of me and my family. You are hereby advised that cyberstalking is a violation of numerous State and Federal laws and we will seek remedies under those laws and other injunctive relief as necessary to stop these attacks.

You are hereby requested to immediately cease and desist from any further posting and remove all previous postings.

Also, be advised that per the End User License Agreement of this site, your anonymity is not protected by the use of aliases to mask your identity as your IP address has been recorded during each visit and posting and may be used for all lawful purposes, including enforcement of injunctive relief under this demand.



Micheal Colonna has a long, long history of scamming people.I worked with him at Fluor Corporation in Irvine CA around 1988-1989, where he lied about his background and a trust fund.

I think he met his wife there early 1989 . He was renting a black Ferrari back then.

He is an accomplished liar, a cheat and steals with a smile.

Believe NOTHING he says. Believe NOTHING he shows you.

He belongs in jail.Perhaps he's there now?


How's life these days for Michael Colonna, John Toscana or Michael Torino...all aliases?

Given the amount of funds you've taken from trusting individuals, you should be jail doing time - so go cry your blues elsewhere.No one on this website gives a rats *** about your perjury claims.


Michael is now operating under the alias of John Toscana and World Class IT - trying to scam new individuals out of millions.He's reportedly in the Bainbridge Island area in Seattle and is using a PO Box rental business as his company address.

BEWARE...of this individual who will play on your sympathies and tell you lie after lie about himself and his CLOUD


Geez Dude - you need to look up the definition of Cyberstalking: Most stalking laws require that the perpetrator make a credible threat of violence against the victim; others include threats against the victim's immediate family; and still others require only that the alleged stalker's course of conduct constitute an implied threat". It doesn't appear from the two complaints posted on this website against you, that they are "threatening" you in any way. They're just making it known how you defrauded them out of thousands of dollars - and there's no crime in making that public knowledge!

Unterhaching, Bayern, Germany #30246

You didn't deny any of the accusations against you so how can you be the one being bullied when it sounds like you stole lots of money from lots of people???

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Gencom & Michael Colonna are Frauds

Sacramento, California 25 comments
Not resolved

We've lost $50,000 to an investment in Gencom, learning that the Share Certificate issued to us has a forged signature.

The founder of Gencom, Inc. - Michael J. Colonna is not who he professes to be and doesn't have the credentials he purports to have. The company is likely bogus even though there are recent scientific journal publications about Gencom.

So if you ask to invest in Gencom, Inc. or want to hire Michael for consulting work under his consulting firm called Advanced Computer Sciences - beware!

A report has been filed with the Santa Ana FBI so contact them to file any reports about this person so that together we can prosecute him.

Review about: Genesys Supercomputer.



He started scamming before 1988 when he worked at Fluor Corp in Irvine CA.He lied about his background, he lied about a trust fund, he lied about everything.

Every claim he makes is false.

Another website has two of his pictures.Google John Toscana.

Some say he is/was in Seattle, perhaps as a vendor to Microsoft.

Likes to lease expensive cars, which are typically repossessed.


I have had a recent run-in with this scam artist, luckily all of these posts helped me cut ties before losing more money.He is still floating the lie that he has a multi-million dollar trust fund, it's just that unfortunately his funds are tied up at the moment.

I have researched and found several addresses for him, associated individuals with all of their info and addresses, some phone numbers, plus a bogus promissory note. I will be forwarding all of this to the FBI, as well as Orange County San Diego County, and Riverside County District Attorneys. Please contact me to share info.

What a ***.tbs4554 at g-mail


We have no clue why this person isn't in jail - other than each of the four law enforcement agencies we filed reports with, decided to decline pursuit as we hadn't lost sufficient money in the scam. Little do they know that we are likely just the tip of the iceburg given all the aliases this person uses.


John Toscana is Michael J.Colonna and trying to do business under WorldClassIT.Net.

Do not trust or hire this individual as he's a scam artist who has fictitious resume's to suit his needs.

His work is shoddy and he'll always provide reasons for missing deadlines and rationalizations for why his work is late.Do not trust this man or his wife Shannon Colonna.


I've learned that Michael likely derived most of his "knowledge" that he bases latest business on ( from his job at KPMG, Inc.Apparently they never learned that his resume was pure fiction...

but this explains why he always had excuses for non-performance. I've "heard" that he now operates under the alias of John Toscana and is living in the Seattle area. I really feel for the people he scammed money from. He used to lead us to believe he was wealthy - living in Newport Beach - but it turns out he lived in a small duplex in Irvine and rented the high end cars he used to drive to work...

He told many of us that he had over 20 high end cars that he parked in his subteranean garage....

all lies...Steer clear of this individual.


Beware - Michael Colonna is now going by the name of John Toscana and has affiliated himself with the Microsoft Cloud Platform group - but he never posts his photo...He is still trying to garner business under his website - which is full of information he cuts and pastes from other websites.

He's either in the San Diego or Seattle, WA.

He purports to have 7 staff - which is NOT TRUE!Be very wary of this man.


I believe he also did consulting work for Amgen from 1991 to 1994.

Amgen is a legit biotech company - headquarters in Thousand Oaks, CA. I now doubt his creditials for this job.


Michael used to work for KPMG, we assume he was hired using bogus resume' credentials. Beware of this person...


Michael J. Colonna is still on the lose so beware. If you run into him and are scammed out of money then contact the Orange County DA who has several complaints on file against Michael and Gencom, Inc.


I've been reading these posts and find it amazing that Mr.Colonna would post a rebuttal saying he was being Cyber Stalked by individuals he scammed out of money!!

How does that work?? He didn't refute a single claim against himself - but decried how these postings were detrimental to his health. I'd wager to say that he aged the poor people he's scammed and caused them years of grief and heartache. The other interesting thing is that there's not one word in the Bio Tech world about Gencom's technology purportedly bought out by a Swiss company.

If it was all that it professed be - surely it would make front page news ...... For the sake of those defrauded by Mr.

Colonna - I hope the feds prosecute him to the fullest!Why should he get off easy considering all the grief he's caused his "investors" who appear to have been former colleagues and friends.

Shenandoah Junction, West Virginia, United States #24769

Guess I'm yet another party that's been scammed by Michael and Shannon Colonna.... No one would ever believe the lies these two have concocted over the years.....Stay clear of them 'til we get them put behind bars...

Richards, Missouri, United States #23687

Any more people scammed by Colonna and his bogus Gencom company? I'm assuming there are more of us out there! His sale of Gencom came at a very interesting time considering it was right after the posting by RTM!

Nehalem, Oregon, United States #17553

News thru a friend of a friend involved in the Michael and Shannon Colonna (Shanon Shafer) scams....Apparently Michael and Shannon have been involved in the past with the Firefighters for Christ church group - and have let a lot of us to believe they are fine upstanding individuals because of this affiliation.

While this organization is legit and does an awful lot to help others - Michael and Shannon have hid behind this organizations reputation and led others to believe they were fine upstanding citizens. Shannon worked at the Woodbridge Community Church in Irvine, and had been aware of some of Michael's lies and deceptions as together they'd led people to believe that Michael had a $100 Million dollar trust fund. Now my friend has found out that there never was any such trust. Altogether, Michael has deceived several people out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

They are fleeing the state as of 6/18/08 - but telling many they are leaving for various "legit" reasons.Doubt their kids know of all their deception - but they should!

Nehalem, Oregon, United States #17367

Just learned that the Isotec International firm is a Nevada Corporation that has never filed for a fictitious business name or business license in Nevada and their Corporate status has been "permanently suspended" since 2003.Michael Colonna purports to be the President - but the Nevada Secretary of State shows a Kenny Youngblood as the President.

If you had any business with Isotec International please contact me. Purported annual revenues for this company were $810,000 but I'm not sure what year that's in. The phone number online is always busy so there's no one to speak with.

Colonna has also been evicted from his rental property for non-payment of rent (for many many months).He's fleeing the state so everyone beware and keep an eye out for Michael to move to your community!!

Nehalem, Oregon, United States #17212

Hey OCNow - any chance you were defrauded also?So far it appears there are several of us that are interested in this Gencom - and Michael J.

COlonna....We need to work together and probably should contact RTM about what each of us knows....

Semarang, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia #16956

As of today, the press-relase regarding the sale of Gencom has been deleted from the website. For those that missed it, it read:

"Date: June 9, 2008

For Immediate Release Early Stage Drug Discovery Firm to Acquire Exclusive, Worldwide Rights to Genesys In-Silico Drug Discovery Optimization Platform. ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – Gencom announced today that it has reached an agreement to provide an exclusive, worldwide license for GENeSYS, its revolutionary in-silico drug discovery optimization platform to an early stage drug discovery firm. The agreement will provide exclusive use and rights to GENeSYS and any chemical, biological and biomarker databases created by Gencom. Additional details will be announced later this month.

The agreement will provide for a broader use of GENeSYS and the Company will research biologic therapies up to the early pre-clinical trials stage. The Company is planning significant investment in a facility based in Research Triangle Park, NC to enable discovery of early-stage commercial biopharmaceuticals. Other terms of the agreement were not disclosed. “We’re extremely excited about the acquisition of the GENeSYS technology. We feel strongly that the technology is of great value to the drug discovery industry and that this agreement will increase the impacts to science and society through a broadened market penetration,” said deal architect, Stewart Silver. “The RTP facility will facilitate the discovery of new biologic therapies. Moreover, by establishing a presence in RTP, the Company will be placed in an enhanced position to actively expand the scope of discovery”.

“Finding the right company to acquire Gencom’s technology has been a priority,” said Bruce Barnes, Chairman of Gencom’s Advisory Board. “We are pleased that the Company has committed to retaining the original vision of Gencom. As well, the Company has committed to establishing an important biotech presence in Research Triangle Park, which could ultimately generate broader economic growth and opportunity for the region and benefit the scientific community as a whole.”

Tehran, Tehran, Iran #16832

Michael Colonna also had a firm by the name of Isotec International between 1995 and 2003 and Alchemy Holdings from April 2004 - July 2007. If anyone had any dealings with either of these companies please email me. (Address in prior note)

Tehran, Tehran, Iran #16781

Wenm - please email me at

rtmknm-random @ leaving out the spaces before and after the at symbol.

Semarang, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia #16744

RTM - Thanks for the info -

tried to email you - bad addy.

Tehran, Tehran, Iran #16733

Wenm lets try again. email me at rtmknm at yahoo dot com

Tehran, Tehran, Iran #16732

wenm - please email me at with any info you have.I just learned Michael Colonna is being evicted from his rental property for non-payment of rent for many many months.

This also proves he hasn't got two cents to rub together. Also - sued by TESLA Assoc. in 2004 ffor breach of contract/warranty. Got lots of other tid bits if you'll contact me.

My next calls will be to the SEC for securities fraud and the LA Sheriff and DA's offices for White Collar Crime.

Beware - Michael has several aliases he uses - Michael Torino, Mike A.Colonna - and multiple SSN's!!

Semarang, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia #16636

RTM - Can you share the alias? Any further info on Alchemy Holdings? Many Thanks!

Semarang, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia #16633

RTM - What was the alias? Do you know any more about Alchemy?

Tehran, Tehran, Iran #16559

This Colonna dude has apparently gone by other aliases and a prior company by the name of Alchemy Holdings. If anyone has info about him or has been scammed by him - then share the info with the rest of us on this website. An email where you can be contacted would be nice too!

Semarang, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia #16135

ScamFighter - within a week of your post he put out a press release that he was "retiring" - then dumped the website, changed the name fron Gencom to Genesys, and claims that its been sold it to an un-named mysterious startup company in Zurich.

He names two other guys - Bruce Barnes and Stewart Silver - who apparently don't exist, as brokering the deal. Not suprising that their initals add up to "B.S."

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